Enjoy Liptov

We are one of two hotels in Jasna Low Tatras, which include bowling lanes. Come play bowling with friends and family, or compete in a tournament that we organize for you.

We have 2 Brunswick bowling lanes with a bar and staff. You can also have fun at the table football or elite arrows until early in the morning.

Užite si andrenalín

Adrenaline on the ground

Skating, karting, paintball or bobsled track. This is not far from everything that "on the ground" offers Jasna, Demänovská Valley and the Liptov region.

Adrenaline on the water

Are you looking crazy about waves, or do you prefer to have fun in the water? Liptov offers one and the other.

Adrenaline in the air

Liptov is beautiful not only from the country. Excursions to the clouds will bring you an unforgettable experience.

Adrenalín on the snow

The snowy hills of the Demänovská Valley are really pristine. That is why it is an inexhaustible source of activity during the winter season.

Biking and hiking

Whether you enjoy strolling in the mountains "on your own" or on a bicycle, Liptov will take you through the most beautiful trips.

Caves and history

The underground world of Demänovská Valley is one of the most precious in Slovakia. Choose from the natural and cultural history of Liptov.