The history of chalet Mikulasska chata

First chalet was built by The Slovak tourist KCST in Liptovsky Mikulas by the lake Vrbicke pleso in the beautiful surroundings at the foothills of Chopok and Polana in Demanovska valley at 1113 m altitude. Local tradesmen built construction begun in 1936 and it. Master builder Juraj Povolny and Master joiner Jan Galo and his two sons Milan and Dusan from Bodice. Bricklayers were from near by villages of Pavcina Lehota, Bodice, Svaty  Kriz and Lazisko. It originally consisted of two communal bedrooms and two further rooms. Its water supply came from the near by stream that never froze. Once opened the chalet was named after Jan Palko due to his generosity, as he donated a rather large sum of 20 000 Czechoslovakian crowns towards the built. The first person to run the chalet was Mrs Maria Brtanova and the chalet was open for business all year round.



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In the first few years it has proven so popular with tourists that by the year of 1938 kitchen and lounge extension has been added.  Building materials had to be carried up the mountain path all the way from Demanovska caves until the path was widened and horses could be used. It was only after the Second World War that the road we use today was built. Maria Brtanova and her husband stayed in charge of a chalet until the beginning of the year 1945. In the following summer Viliam Benko took over. It was then that chalet Mikulasska chata as we see it today was built. It opened in 1950.


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